• First and foremost Rapé is Medicine and carries thousands of years of Ancestral Wisdom & Knowledge. Treat it with respect!

  • As much as we highly respect the Ancestral ways, we strongly recommend not to engage in unnecessary ritualistic behaviors. Especially if you don't know what you are doing. From our years of experience, we found that the simpler and cleaner it is the more effectively the medicine can do its work, uninterrupted.   

  • Application:

  • Settle into a quiet space and give your self a couple of minutes to tune into the Rapé.

  • Light some incense if preferred. 

  • Put some Rapé on the palm of your hand, Pause a bit. ( you can run your hand through the smoke of the incense ) for clearance.

  • Fill the applicator, insert into your nostrils and blow in a soft yet bold way in all your presence.

  • Repeat for the other nostril.

  • At this stage, its good to have some tissue paper and a bowl next to you, As saliva will accumulate in your mouth and its good to spit it out. We do not recommend to blow your nose straight after the application process, actually, from experience, its best to leave the medicine be absorbed by the body it has more healing and clearing effects, especially in the intestines area.

  • While feeling the burning sensation of the Rapé in you Sinuous Cavities try your best to just observe the movement, without trying to do anything or controlling it. let the energies of Rapé do its job! 
  • Once ready from the application process lie down and relax as deeply as possible and enjoy.

  • Again, Drop into that observing space and don't get so involved with what moving, Stay with the unmoving, our Rapé will take you there instantly if you surrender to it!

  • Very Important, If two beings are applying Rapé to each other it Highly Important that the one who is blowing, is grounded in his/her presence and not coming from a space of mental noise.

If you wish more clarification on our Rapé and its application or Ceremonies please click here :


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