• Kevin Busuttil

The Third Point

Following the post we shared this week on Facebook.

Have been reading the works and studies of Jean-Yves Leloup for a couple of years now. We have started with the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and recently, The sacred Embrace.

This is an extract from The Sacred Embrace that resonates deeply within.

"Only the opening of the ego to Self makes happiness possible. The will to be happy with other, or to make them happy with us, is an illusion. The suffering it entails will become a rude awakening."

"What is revealed in a numinous encounter is not just a "me and you", but that which Graf Durckheim called the great Third, the Self between us, which makes true encounter possible. Love does not just depend on me and you, it needs the Third, where we can recognise ourselves in our differences without feeling separate because of them.

The Self is that which unites us and distinguishes us in the same movement. "

The above is the foundation that we abide in, in all our affairs, especially when it comes to our intamete relationship.


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