• Kevin Busuttil

Our life paths shapes us

We do not shape our life paths , Rather, Our life paths shapes us … into what we already are …

Sitting within myself contemplating on how I find myself, right where I am … Beyond my versions and interpretation of events ,,, there is a sense , a vague understanding …

That all the walks I've walked Most of the decisions that were made,

The people I have crossed and related with, The places and situations that I have enjoyed or not, All of this and much more, I honestly can't say that it was all my own doing, A much bigger force ,,, Wiser and vaster … that dwells beyond my beliefs and ideas,

Has always been present in every intricate decision that have moved me from one point to the next … From a relation to another … From tight spaces within me .. to and openness within and out …

As much as I would like to think of myself, the creator of all this … actually it's a relief ,,, seeing that there is a much bigger force , taking care of stars, planets, suns and moons, including all the beings that bread and live on our planet ,,, and its takes care of this little me and you too …

So in all this looking ,,, a kind of softness settles in my being ...a sense of care , support and love ,,, Knowing that the same hand that shaped all history ,,, is currently shaping this moment … and it's the same hand that will shape the dance of tomorrow … All that it's really needed , is to stay present with what's life is presenting me … and trust it with all my being.



Take my will ,

Take my Life,

Guide me in my path,

Show me how to live.

#Resonance #heart


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