• Kevin Busuttil

The Play, The Role & The Expression

We find ourselves here, roaming on the surface of this planet.

Sometimes joyful other times baffled and lost,

At days I ask myself, what is this ,,, it seems that everything is going sideways, That feeling of loosing, the pull of wanting to get to somewhere , to do something about it , to be someone ...

Yet at deeper look , it seems that all we can do is drop our resistance and stay in the unfolding of life.

Play the Role and Express the Expression ... It seems that some kind of bigger picture is always taking place, and we are so cought up in the detail of the play that we forget its a play ... The same hand that is writing the sentence, is the same hand that is writing the book ...

It looks like that life has its own way of directing its self through the roles we play and the expressions of each day ... Trust and Faith is the maná that guides , leads and follows the way ... A way that has no particular route or destination ...

Just the way to BE ...

Trust the Play ... Play the Role ...

Express Your Expression ...

#Resonance #heart #Love #Play #Expression


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