• Kevin Busuttil



Over the last month in Ecuador a lot of layers have been shed ... and more space is perceived and experienced.

The process never fails to amuse me, as every time there is a shift inside of me it's always "understood" or better said perceived, through the absence of the old illusions that has been lifted ,,, dissolved ...

This has been arising in me for quite a long time ... What is the direct understanding of the self / truth / real ...

So far in my experience, I get that directive from the absence of all that ... that is NOT ... in the empty space that I am left in ... IT IS ...

It doesn't matter how many catch phrases or elaborate wordings I write or read ... it doesn't even matter the practice that I abide to ... ultimately it always comes to a space of emptiness ... from that space I pick up words, practices, and an endless stream of expressions to express my self ... only to return to that space of emptiness with a fuller experience of presence ... The presence of all there is .

Tags:Life, heart, empty, space, Ecuador, home


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