• Kevin Busuttil


Have been tempted, many, many times... to write about love and the infinite definitions and concepts that we have about it. To a certain extent, there is an underlying feeling that even writing about it, is futile. As in my humble being, there is an understanding that words can never fully encompass the truth of Love. Yet, all words, come from Love. So, I will express myself in a bit of a discerning way in the views that we have of Love ... I find that most of the time when we speak of Love, it is derived from a pre-concept of 'What is Love’. Of course, we can easily say: "But Love is all there is”. Again, speaking from a pre-concept … What about truly allowing Life, to take its course? … What about Love, for those who hurt us ? … Love for the ailments & diseases that we experience ? … What about Love, even when there is not a “feeling" of Love ? It seems that most of our experiences regarding Love, are tainted with concepts and established ideas, deriving from stories and cultural conditioning … Which ultimately is also happening, in the space of Love … Simply put … Love is so loving that allows us to fool ourselves that we are not Love ,,, even to the extent that we are not LovED, & as a consequence we create all sorts of dissonance in our lives & of those around us. In my view, "that" is what was meant by the word “sin" (a state of confusion) … and just mentioning one being, that most of us can relate to; “Yeshua” has addressed it, in countless ways and parables. Yet, the best illustration, is the way in which he Lived, his physical life … So to conclude this expression of Love, we have three faculties or energies that can be aligned, and adopted in our daily lives … Intention - Attention - Action … When all three are aligned & practiced in all that we do, we can actualize, crystallize, in our being an expanded expression of Love … An expression of Love that “allows", and does not restrict … It is "inclusive" rather than exclusive … A Love that “unifies", rather than differentiates “It" can be referred to, as … Space …


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