• Kevin Busuttil


Lately … while practicing the Sound Attunement … and sharing circles that we hold soon afterwards …

The phrase : Ambiance of Interpretation … kept pulling my attention …

Came to a place where questions arose …

From which point am I interpreting Sound - LIFE ?

Is it needed all this interpretation ?

Who is Interpreting anyways ?

A kind of pulse moved towards a recognition … A seeing …

that when we interpret, we are doing so from an "I am"point …

Though this "I am" is the personal "I am" … So it is always measuring and analysing from what was and what could be, position … Actually it always takes a position … It always looks for contrast …

Where the impersonal I am does not interpret life ,,, it just IS …

It doesn’t even have a position … there is no contrast.

So what if ... we could just be in a space where all this fades into a non interpreted version of life … Where we don't take the personal stand, & let existence unfold without the need to attach any interpretation of it … Rather stay in the "IS-ness" of existence …

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