• Kevin Busuttil


The process of grieving is a healthy process, as it invites us to see aspects of our makeup that has somewhat been unclear ... It's good to take a deeper look at who and what exactly is grieving ...

Not to disrupt or dismiss the process, actually to introduce a deeper perspective and a bit more light into it ... in order not to buy into more constructs that are one and same, of the psychological mind ...

In order to grief something there first must be an identification with ... ownership of this object or happening that the grieving is arising from ... when we grief we grief over a loss of something or someone ... it's good to invite the question into the space of this process ...

Who and what is grieving ?

What did it loose ?

As always , the moment that the identification with the phenomena is seen and disassociated the process becomes much lighter and quicker ... if there is anything left to process ...


Any kind of sound healing or therapy that is designed within the framework to stimulate cleansing & release, can help with facilitating these processes... as when it comes to let go of certain identifications there is a tendency of blocking ourselves from crossing

" the bridge " ...

in this way sound healing is a very effective tool that one could say it's a complete kit ...


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