Rapé is a powerful, cleansing snuff used by shamans in Brazil and Peru as part of important medicinal rituals. Rapé is usually made of a sacred variety of tobacco leaf powder, herbs and tree ashes are ground into a fine, aromatic powder that is blown through the nostrils. Its use is ancient and has been very present in different places and times.

Rapé Benefits:

  • Clear mental and emotional fog.

  • Grounding into the body.

  • Facilitates a heightened state of awareness to dive deeper into our self.

  • Opportunity to inquire in mental clarity & to stay in the moment.

  • Possible body toxic clearance and detox.


Combined with Sound, Essences & Incense a profound state of releasing and clarity can be experienced as well as insights about oneself.​

The Rapé we use is sourced directly from the Yanawana Tribe (Brazil). This Rapé is well rounded in its softness and deep in its fullness of experience.


San Pedro "Huachuma" has been considered the medicine of the Cosmic Heart.​ Known also as Saint Peter - the one who carries the keys of heaven.


The plant San Pedro, botanically known as Trichocereus pachanoi, or as Echinopsis pachanoi, originally comes mainly from Ecuador & Peru, where over 3000 years ago natives use it to support their journeys. San Pedro's main active ingredient is mescaline, the alkaloid largely responsible for its psychoactive effects.

San Pedro Benefits:

  • Recognition & Release of limiting illusions / old patterns.

  • Supports to recognize the root of problems & illness.

  • Physical, Emotional & Energetic cleanse.

  • Evokes the feeling of oneness with all that exists.

  • Re-establish a sense of connection to all that is.


The Journey with San Pedro might take between 7 - 12 hours, where the invitation is to surrender to the plant's guidance and trust Kevin’s holding space. Kevin will support you through the use of Sananga, Rapé, Sound and Intuitive Guidance, keeping you in a safe space to drop and dive fully into the Journey.


" A ceremony that will show you the folly of your psychological mind & guide you to the infinite love that your heart is. "

MORE INFO: If you would like to clarify doubts, make questions, discuss your personal situation, please feel free to get in touch and we can plan a talk with no compromise!

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