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Catarina is 29 and Portuguese, Kevin is 43 and Maltese, and although they share a lot of differences, they share a strong passion for doing what they love and they are excited to share and inspire others on their own unique life journey. After long years of studying and building her own businesses, Catarina focuses now in Yoga and Retreats, and Kevin after facing long years of addiction challenges, focuses on medicine circles and Sound Frequencies as a form of healing.

What are we here for.

We started this Project in early 2017, and now it's appropriate to share it with the community. 
Aligned Heart is a Platform which allows us to live and share our deepest truth.
Our aim is not only to support our project but to make it grow so it can benefit you and everyone else within the same mindset.
Along with the workshops and services that we offer, we share the growth, challenges, and lessons we take from our romantic relationship, which we use as an aware catalyst to our individual Inner Work.
We share and offer you the content of the work we do by following our gifts and passions, in the same way, that we want this Platform to one day support you to do the same.

Rapé - Yoga - Sound Healing - Relationships - Holistic Healing Practitioner

Some of the beautiful beings that attended our sessions say... ... ...

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